Jewels Of Awareness

Jewels Of Awareness: Combinatory Jewel 8 (x 24)


  • POSITIVE ASSOCIATIONS Calm Reassurance. Mental Tranquillity. Peace. Nonjudgmentalism. Societal Approval. Popularity. Enviable, Desirious or in the Public Eye. Mass Appeal. Marketing Capability.
  • SHADOW-MERKSTAVE Worry. Mental Distress. Psychological Imbalance. Fears & Distresses Related To The Eyes. Fear of Blindness. Judgmentalism. Scorned or Rejected. Disapproval. Unpopularity. Rendered Invisible. On The Shelf. Poorly Positioned or Marketed.
  • NUMEROLOGY Light Jewel harmony and balance (8) is Combined with Dark Jewel fear (24).

Dignity Of Queen Cassiopeia

Worry is a fear of bad eventualities – “luck” if you will, while eight is considered a number lucky to the Chinese. “Worry” must relate to a feeling of foreboding – an “ill-lucky” feeling. Good things could occur – but the soul chooses to dwell on an ominous sense of doom and oncoming fear. Superstition is implied. We feel that fearing the worst outcome is a sign of humility that will please the Gods. Expecting the best may bring about the worst circumstance. The expression is “famous last words,” so we are expected not to assume confidence in the face of dangerous circumstances. In actual fact, this could be dangerous, if we are now visualising and programming the subconscious for the worst outcome.

We fear our own greatness – choosing to believe in the worst occurrences. Perhaps we believe ourselves deserving if such humility and a downcast gaze is assumed. Otherwise we might have the appearance of Queen Cassiopeia, who some equate with pride. We might, however, choose to feel equal to all other individuals, lest they sneer down their nose in inequality. To allow other individuals to feel such self-importance only compounds the total problem of “self.” Their ego grows larger, but they, themselves are not fully content, at peace or happy. All are equal in selfhood, and so we exclaim “Namaste” (mutual acknowledgement of Godhood – dual recognition of self).

Background Facts

  • Jewels of awareness relate numerically to the chakras. A thirty-three chakra (plus) model is required in order to understand how.
  • Harmony and balance (8) relates to the eighth chakra. This chakra includes the eyeballs and gonadic or secondary sexual function. Fear (24) relates to fear as it is experienced or solved in these areas of the body and brain.
  • Any jewel of awareness can be oriented or lined up multiple times. We may have “999” or “999999” (9 x 6).
  • Merkstaved jewels are a technical way of viewing life’s challenges, coming through cosmic hungry ghosts.
  • Any jewel of awareness may be meditated upon for 20-30 minutes, increasing personal power and gaining inspired thoughts about how to succeed in this area of life.
  • Multiplier twenty-four concerns fear as applied to each chakra centre. “3” (x 24) describes how fear (24) can affect the solar plexus, called “manipura” in sanskrit.
  • Single jewels relate to a solo quest for power. Dual jewels govern intimate relationships and marriages. Eight people is a rowing team, who operate in harmonious solidarity.

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