Jewels Of Awareness

Jewels Of Awareness: Combinatory Jewel 6 (x 24)


  • POSITIVE ASSOCIATIONS Excalibur. The Sword In The Stone. Fearless Vision. The Kind View. Selfless Perception. An Intrinsica Of Harmony & Peace. Fearless Decisions. Laser Clarity.
  • SHADOW-MERKSTAVE Existential Fear. Abject Terror. Phobias & Neurosis Related To Ajna Chakra. Ajna Knot. Worry.
  • NUMEROLOGY This article discusses combinatory jewel 6 (x 24). Light jewel choosing between old & new (6) is aligned in the combinatory context of dark jewel fear (24).


Excalibur is “The Sword in the Stone.” The shining bright blade must be pulled from the “stone” of hard-crystallised fear and worriful, woesome distress.

Excalibur is a lunar mystery surrounding fear, the recoil from fear, and the inherent fear contained in the inner planes. Excalibur is a manifestation of Goddess Luna. Fear tends to chase or surround the aspirant to freedom, and it makes the viewing of occult mysteries a frightening and dangerous affair. Jewel 6 (x 24) is necessary in the pulling of Excalibur – from it’s “shadow” of Ajna chakra related fear itself.

Edward Munch painted “The Scream.” An existential angst confronts those who “cannot know” what life truly consists of. For what the eyes look at – is not the same as that which is truly present. Life is a mystery that appears that it could drive one blind. The solution is “to see.” The solution is the “kind view” into life’s nascent mystery, and luminous, unknowable beauty. Intrinsic harmony is now perceived – there is no separate self. All is an “intrinsica” of harmonious glowing orbs. “I” am one of those orbs. I am the soul and dreamer. I am not the separate and deluded dreaming-unit, now cast asleep, and castaway in samsara.

Background Facts

  • Each Jewel of Awareness relates to the same numbered chakra. Choosing Between Old And New (6) relates to Ajna Chakra.
  • “6” can be oriented or lined up multiple times. We may have “666” or “666666” (6 x 5).
  • Jewels held merkstave by cosmic hungry ghosts (or sharpshooters of the universe) destroy personal power, but gifts of power are the result of resistances and trials of faith endured. Merkstaved jewels are a technical way of viewing life’s challenges themselves.
  • Any jewel of awareness may be meditated upon for 20-30 minutes, increasing personal power and gaining inspired thoughts about how to succeed in this area of life.
  • Multiplier twenty-four concerns fear as applied to each chakra centre. “3” (x 24) [333333333333333333333333] describes how fear (24) can affect the solar plexus, called “manipura” in sanskrit.
  • Single jewels relate to a solo quest for power. Dual jewels govern intimate relationships and marriages. Triple jewels relate to society, which is based upon “social consensus” (three people). Lonely people should refrain from using or meditating upon the singular jewels, and instead use combinations, like “4444” (loving and stable company – peer groups).

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