Triple Jewels

Jewels Of Awareness: Triple Jewel 666


  • POSITIVE ASSOCIATIONS Golden Apple: Seeing Truthfully. Clear Perception. Farsight. Seership. Divine Star Sighting. Divine Perception. A Beautiful Mind. Nagual / Formless Spirit.
  • SHADOW-MERKSTAVE Forbidden Fruit: Life Looks Good To Eat. Tonal / Form-Side-Of-Life Only. Concretisation Of An Unknowable Universe.
  • NUMEROLOGY Six-Six-Six Concerns Jewel Six (Choosing Between Old & New, 6) In The Context Of Jewel Three (Mixed Abundance, 3).

Forbidden Fruit

The benefits of the forbidden fruit are a world versed in prosperous and capitalistic self-development. Satanism garners richness – unarguably – but when life’s many riches are chosen foolishly there can exist a loss of the inner, hidden nagual – the spirit or limitless light that exists beyond time and space. Satan now becomes an “accuser.” Those on their death bed now come to realise they will have to live the present lifetime once more – as the “golden apple” (the spirit) – must once more become sought and attained. The “golden apple” is traded for the “forbidden fruit.” This is a tradeoff between “spirit perception” and “daily sense perception.”

The perception of this present world may be legitimately harnessed. The “Satanic” option might work, if the detrimental effects of viewing only the tonal are offset by the divine star perception, and the perception of the limitless light (of infinity). Satan is an entertainer and a businessman – simply because he places so much emphasis upon personal need fulfillment. Satan is good at his job.

One can be “enlightened” and “rich” together, but only with a tremendous skill and a carefully chosen friend circle. Otherwise, ingratiation within the many pleasures and luxuries of life will conceal the illusion that the present mode of living and relationships is an acceptable exchange for the limitless expanse and infinite fulfillment of Divine Beingness.

Background Facts

  • Each Jewel of Awareness relates to the same numbered chakra. Choosing Between Old And New (6) relates to Ajna Chakra.
  • “6” can be oriented or lined up multiple times. We may have “666” or “666666” (6 x 5).
  • Jewels held merkstave by cosmic hungry ghosts (or sharpshooters of the universe) destroy personal power, but gifts of power are the result of resistances and trials of faith endured. Merkstaved jewels are a technical way of viewing life’s challenges themselves.
  • Any jewel of awareness may be meditated upon for 20-30 minutes, increasing personal power and gaining inspired thoughts about how to succeed in this area of life.
  • The three-digit numbered jewels must each concern Mixed Abundance (3), because there are three digits. “666” therefore describes how “decisions made,” or “choices” (Choosing Between Old & New, 6) are applied in terms of realm, money and manifestation of life goals (Mixed Abundance, 3).
  • Single jewels relate to a solo quest for power. Dual jewels govern intimate relationships and marriages. Triple jewels relate to society, which is based upon “social consensus” (three people). Lonely people should refrain from using or meditating upon the singular jewels, and instead use combinations, like “4444” (loving and stable company – peer groups).

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