Jewels Of Awareness

Jewels Of Awareness: Combinatory Jewel 9 (x 24)


  • POSITIVE ASSOCIATIONS Welcomed with Open Arms. Perceived as the Good Guy / Girl. Societal Approval. Societal Safety Nets. Loved or Needed. Love Sanctuary. One of the Team.
  • SHADOW-MERKSTAVE Perceived A Threat To Society. Entrapment. Imprisoned. Fear of Inability To Escape Circumstances. Isolated or Walled Off. Derogatory Condemnation. Perceived As Hostile or Offensive. Labelled, Defrocked or Tarred With the Brush of Stigmatisation.
  • NUMEROLOGY Light Jewel completion (9) is Combined with Dark Jewel fear (24).

Pandora’s Tesseract

A tesseract is a cubed-cube. The tesseract is to a cube what a cube is to a square. This may be considered the meaning of term “behind bars,” the modern prison being a geometric “lock-in” upon time and space, necessitating a constant background radiation of fear or distress.

An 8-Cell or Tesseract. Made by wikipedia user JasonHise [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Prisoners should meditate upon jewel 9 (x 24). Anyone can become imprisoned, even if they are on the outside of a physical prison cell incarceration. Imprisonment is implied by a fear of going out, a fear of social contact, or a fear concerning one’s self worth. A former inmate can become “institutionalised.”

Fear (24) is itself a prison when made complete (9) by the tesseract geometry underpinning life within the world of sorcerers blueprint realm. This is essentially no different to Pandora’s Box, a “cube” appearing also within cult horror flick series “Hellraiser.” Fortunately this evolving Toltec knowledge given to me in the spirit is a method for liberating the “inner bars” that could otherwise cause cyclical “repeat offender” behaviour, that operate in a vicious circle. The inner prison bars must be cut and the shackles discarded.

Background Facts

  • Each Jewel of Awareness relates to the same numbered chakra. Completion (9) relates to the ninth chakra. Fear (24) relates to chakra twenty-four (somewhere between the top of the head and infinity).
  • “9” can be oriented or lined up multiple times. We may have “999” or “999999” (9 x 6).
  • Merkstaved jewels are a technical way of viewing life’s challenges, coming through cosmic hungry ghosts.
  • Any jewel of awareness may be meditated upon for 20-30 minutes, increasing personal power and gaining inspired thoughts about how to succeed in this area of life.
  • Multiplier twenty-four concerns fear as applied to each chakra centre. “3” (x 24) describes how fear (24) can affect the solar plexus, called “manipura” in sanskrit.
  • Single jewels relate to a solo quest for power. Dual jewels govern intimate relationships and marriages. A twenty four sided tesseract may be considered a fear-prison in societal terms. Thus, a tesseract (a cubed-cube) is a metaphor for the modern prison itself, becoming the mathematical implication and meaning of the term “behind bars.”

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