Rune Elk

SUMMARY Elk is a shelter for untroubled contemplation, and a tabernacle rest underneath starry skies. The protective skin of the aura is tightened and rallied in defence, while a small aperture leaves open – as in the case of the Biblical Stephen (Acts 7:56) who was stoned – a window through which heaven may be perceived. Rune Elk is “The Sword of The Spirit” (Christianity) and “One Sword” (Toltec Teachings) existing during any of the stages of enlightenment (and associated dispensations).

HEBREWS 4:12 “For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart” (NIV).

ARCHETYPES (STAGE) Clytemnestra (8). Ame No Uzume (7). Andrasteia (6). Holda (5).

DISCUSSION Rune Elk encourages a correct attitude to life. Safety comes when we are “wise as serpents, and harmless as doves” (Mt. 10:16, KJV). Usually, spiritual sorts are “too nice” (harmless) and “average man” is “street wise” (only-and-merely). It becomes an art to blend the act of assertive forthrightness, with the soft ductility of friendship and agape love or compassion. The adversary sneaks in when we lose the balance – or in the “gap” forged between the two. If we are too aggressive with our words and actions, then others will perceive us as unfriendly. Yet if we are too kind and generous, then certain others will no doubt want to take advantage of our generosity. The trouble comes when we attempt assertiveness, only to fall into the opposite trap, or we waver between two opposites, eventually becoming pinned to the spot (by indecision, caught between a rock and a stone).

COMPARED WITH THURISAZ Elk is “The Sword Of The Spirit” while Thurisaz is “The Shield Of Faith.” I believe that Elk will be found to pertain more to the realm of daily actions, and the more regular, if extraordinary wisdom. Thurisaz will be found to govern the specialised and technical inner world of psychic defence or PSI shielding. Appropriate and assertive actions “protect” us, while the forging of concrete systems and structures, defends us.

PROPHECY And so it was, that when Jehovah-Jireh became angry at man, that he divided himself from his wife, and divided the nations. Atlantis and Lemuria became the right and left sides of man’s awareness. Man fell into chaos. At the same time, the woman who is now known as JEZEBEL, and AMPHITRITE, and TUMO-MAMA (in Adidam) took vengeance upon JEHOVAH, separating him from the very essence of life. Furious and indignant, JEHOVAH strove for all eons to contend with his estranged wife, who loves him ever yet, but who cannot allow THE ANCIENT DARKNESS to gain it’s way. So today we rally under the banner of the peaceful warrior, as the TUATHA DE DANAAN – the children of DANA.


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