The Periodic Table Meditations: Lithium (Li, 3)

Women, because they represent spiritual “sugar,” are generally, but not always, more introverted into the “second attention.” While men are classically depicted as hard working, not prone to fantasy, and industrious or focused upon the plane of the physical senses. The male semen is salty or related to the concept of spiritual salt.

In general, Lithium (Li, 3) balances and heals the disparity between “inner” and “outer” psychology and sense perception. Those who feel too detached or who exist in a dream-like state of consciousness, may find that 20-30 minutes of meditation upon Lithium (Li, 3) returns the daily perception. These truths represent facts borne out and possibly exploited by big Pharmaceutical companies – Lithium either sedates or enlivens. Lithium promotes electrochemical rebalance within the brain and nervous system. On a spiritual level, spiritual Lithium returns the essential spice of that compound itself. Spiritual lithium may hold just as much importance as physical lithium – even giving rise to a long-lasting or superior effect.

Those who find that they cannot access their secondary, inner nature might find that Lithium liberates them slightly. Lithium as a name may be made concomitant with world “Liminal,” meaning a transient boundary – the boundary between the first and second attentions in this evolving spiritual chemistry series of articles.

HEALTH NOTE This article does not directly describe or recommend physical Lithium ingestion. This article is based upon the spiritual activation of an imaginal substance – aided by focus and visualisation. For advice on the physical administration of Lithium, please consult a heathcare professional.


Categories: Chemistry

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