Jewels Of Awareness

The Toltec Jewels Of Awareness: Discrimination (17)


  • SUMMARY Discrimination (17) is a fight for accuracy, as Excalibur is pulled from the stone. Ozone is released into the atmosphere, as human thinking emerges from the dark hive and soggy brain-mass of the plot twists of subconscious assumption (the Deus Ex Machina engrams), into the brilliant clarity of day.  Despite our laser clarity, however, daily concerns ask us to embody hypnotic quick programs, or dive into the libraries and hallways of subconscious knowledge, perhaps in order to remember our shopping list or a list of phone numbers. Ultimately, absolute accuracy or knowledge is impossible, and so all “unknowns” remain the province of the dark (opposite) sword, “Durindana.”
  • SOUL SWORDS Apply to the four quadrants of MEST, embodying the four postulates of stalking.
    • East: Excalibur (Logic. Sobriety. “Take Me Up”).
    • West: Durindana (Intuition. Feeling. “Cast Me Away”).
    • Southerly: Levantine (Power. Dreams. Work Ethics. Money Making Principles).
    • Northerly: Dawnbreaker / The Sword of Antiochas Epiphanes (Action. Strength. Courage).
    • Centre: Caledfwlch / Serenity (The “One Sword.” A Broken Half Sword Representing The End Of All Strife. Governs All Lesser Swords).
  • ASSOCIATIONS Sobriety. Right-Thinking & Correct Logic. Accuracy & Fine Detail. Recapitulation. Scholar. Right-Discernment. Seeing Clearly. Engrams. Storing Or Filing Factual Information. Libraries & Hallways Of Knowledge. Akashic Record.
  • SHADOW Mother’s Awareness. Selective Perception. Lack Of Sobriety. Denial. Hypercritical. Discrimination-Against. Fault-Finder. Prejudice. Unresolved Thoughts & Emotions. Selective Perception. Shadow-Projection. Mental Fog. Miasma. To See Through A Glass Darkly.


The conscious mind cannot know everything all at once, so it stores information in the quick-but-dirty memory banks of the unconscious mind. This later constitutes a lack of sobriety, or “engram circuit” (Scientology) to be made subject to “recapitulation” (Toltec Teachings) or “auditing” (Scientology). Sometimes the quick-links (or engram-chains) are forged deliberately, as in the case of learning how to remember a phone number. The digit “3” rhymes with “cup of tea.” Now visualising a cup and saucer, I instantly remember the number when I go to the bank. Quick-and-dirty logic is faster and more reliable, so it forms a basis for hypnosis, which Scientology eshews in favour of a “clear” and rational approach, versed in “sobriety.” The Toltec “new seers” preferred sobriety, but the “old seers” remained in favour towards ritual and ritualistic mental programs – or “right side awareness.”

The Sword in The Stone has two inscriptions, 1) “Take me up,” and 2) “Cast me away.” A necessary return, from enlightenment, into the world of form and colour occurs when (2) remains inclusively in operation. (1) Excalibur is the activation of sobriety (“take me up”) and Durindana is the opposite activation of the same “One Sword,” the instinctual or feminine descent into the forbidden apple.The east-west axis meet up, when “sobriety” (east, Excalibur) and “passion” (west, Durindal) come together as one. Passion helps us remember things, without passion there is no reason for existence; a fact which favours enjoyable and healthy “leisure” activities over self-help or mental processing techniques alone. Both should become one. Both should blend in order than man begin to truly fulfill his destiny – for without “love,” then “clarity” is merely an aid to a goal that has now receded.

The swords are a lunar mystery. Excalibur is “Luna.” Durin-dana is (as the name suggests) the goddess “Dana.” The concept of soul swords might be considered discriminative (17) in operation, since the term implies a fine knife edge. However, just as “east” fights “west,” on the world stage, so too do the swords Excalibur and Durindal represent the basic activity on earth, as man strives with wife, or man with man for resource, or woman competes with woman for the favour of a man (or anything else, for that matter).

Thus, “strife” is when “east” (Excalibur) fights “west” (Durindal). Or when “north” (Dawnbreaker) fights “south” (Levantine). Those are the four basic expressions of conflict within this present earth system. The four directions govern the four basic principles that underpin all human behaviour: namely, “east” (clarity), “west” (passion), “north” (action), “south” (dreaming). These give rise to basic conflicts, because of the central activity of their staggered behaviour. Imagine the swastika, with it’s four prongs which are dislocated, as a “chaos” variant of the standard “four directions” (or medicine wheel, or “four postulates of stalking”). The “staggering” sows strife, because the directions spin, and a form of human carnage is the result. The “One Sword” (Caledfwlch) must be returned to the stone, and the fade portal must be closed, so that the seventh stage becomes the eighth stage of human enlightenment and civilisation, called “dispensation” in modern Christian terminology.

The overall “One Sword” (Caledfwlch ) may also have “northerly” and “southerly” lesser sword activations – each a named sword, itself.

“South activation” (of Caledfwlch) may spawn “Levantine,” the activation of light jewel Mixed Abundance (3), coming as the “Queen of the South” (or Queen of Sheba, or Ishtar, another lunar goddess) with gold and myrrh to King Solomon. Mixed Abundance (3) contains wealth distribution anointing and the empowerment of gold and riches.

North gate activation activates the “Sword of Antiochas Epiphanes.” The sword found by Judas Maccabeus gave him strength (11) and courage (18). However, Judas Maccabeus actually and actively fought against “Levantine.” Here, the “north” (the rock-dwelling Maccabees) fought the “south” (the rich and lucrative Seleucid empire). This is a pointless battle. My own “final dispensation” message is the eighth stage message that heals the central “rift portal” (of Satan and Lyra) by the assertion that the swords must recombine, in the event of “final rapture.” Money and higher purpose must combine. “Path with heart” and “leisure and pleasure” must merge, so that Maccabee and Seleucid recombine and locate essential nonduality.

“Dawnbreaker,” a sword of kingdom building, features in the computer game “Skyrim.” Dawnbreaker is “Mara-natha” or “Maara,” the goddess of Mary Magdalene. A “grey warden,” Maranatha comes to awaken Lazarus from the tomb also, banishing the dark shadows of the Miasma (also in the game) from the tomb. Mary Magdalene was first at the tomb of Jesus Christ.

“Dawnbreaker” is “The Sword of the Spirit,” a political sword of fire that reflects strength.

Caledfwlch destroys or returns the actions and activities of the soul swords. Now standing in the centre and retaining his or her honour, the spiritual warrior of Atl’aman enters into the eighth state of man – the “final resting state.” Caledfwlch is the ultimate sword of peace, but a destructive event called “wormwood” must occur as the other swords are discarded or thrown off. Caledfwlch must and will bring a “mass effect” as the shadows and light collapse into the final resting state and “elysium” of heaven on earth. All of which begets the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble,” as man strives to know just why his present system of relationships is failing, and why “strife” no longer works as a modus operandi for living.


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