The Periodic Table Meditations: Beryllium (Be, 4)

Beryllium led to the development of “sweet salts.” Glucine was called “beryllina” by Klaproth for this reason. I personally “smell” this compound with an inner sense smell (astral smell), and Beryllium itself smells like a “sweet salt,” every time I meditate upon it.

If “sweetness” applies to sugar and to the feminine, ascensional quest, then “saltiness” applies to men, and the quest for materialisation of life’s purpose. Beryllium may stand in the gap, applying to the quest of the divine bisexual (Theun Mares described these as the newly incarnating being on this earth).

Beryllium relates to the quest of the divine bisexual (or hermaphodite). As such, it may be made concomitant with the “full bisexual” awakening to the eighth stage of man – called “final dispensation,” collectively, or “eighth stage enlightenment,” in personal terms. The finalised human being is not “gay” or “bisexual,” but they aren’t “straight” since homosexual union embodies the “same” energy, which produces an awakening necessary for the higher stages of human evolution. The final resting state retains “straight” behaviour and desire-force, while blending the “kinky” elements of same-same, and other fetishes or kinks. The Temple of Solomon is cleanly and clearly formed from marble pillars, but “kinks of interest” are the “art-works” of a lesbian, gay and bisexual alternative community. “Art” is, in my opinion, best produced by the “rainbow colours” of the LGBT movement and it’s artists. However, the temple steps are best made by the excellence of builders and construction workers who favour the “straight” and “traditional” family lifestyle. In “final translation,” both make a “perfect circle” (ooroborus) of self-fertilising energy. This is aided by spiritual Beryllium in the spiritual bloodstream, arriving by a meditation upon the literal element Beryllium itself (20-30 minutes, simple visualisation or intention-activation).

HEALTH NOTE Beryllium itself is poisonous – this article does not in any way describe or recommend physical Beryllium ingestion, or describe herbs or physical compounds.


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