Jewels Of Awareness

Crest Jewels Of Awareness: An Overview Of The Human Mind

The Jewels of Awareness are prisms which control human thoughts and emotions. There are thirty-three – thirty-four if jewel zero is considered additionally. Within Adidam practice, these may be considered as the “Pleasure Dome-Principle,” as the jewels come together in unison.

JEWELS OF AWARENESS Prismatic gemstones that reflect, refract or absorb within the perceptual matrix of Klic Klac. Possibly useful, but with a danger or hazard to mental health in the process of their acquisition. Housed in the fiendish Labyrinth of Penumbra, the jewels represent the dualistic or comparitive mechanism that underpins all human thought.

They come together as an arrangement both “personally,” in the brain core and over the chakra centres, or “collectively,” over buildings and houses. The jewels of awareness may exist, firstly, as “un-enlightened” expressions of relative magnificence. They may express the wonders and great cities, buildings or persons of this world.

Or they may become progressively enlightened, through the evolution of each jewel and it’s reflection of the infinite spirit-radiance. The “Pleasure Dome” as a principle could be simply having fun, or it could represent the act of self-purification, dedication and beautification.

Each Jewel represents the “mind,” but each may be filled with a liquid, which relates to the “heart.” The “Excalibur” mystery describes the quest for the mind, and for masculinity. While the “Spear of Destiny” mystery-core relates to the “heart” and the gaining of the feminine attributes (within male or female for both alike).

SPEAR OF DESTINY The Solar mystery. Concerns the witness-position of spirit. Generates fulfillment within the bare matrix of the pleasure dome-principle. The inner “honey” of the jewels of awareness. Grants colour and lifeblood to the aura. Pertains to attractiveness, to the honey-bee principle, and to the right-alignment or assumption of all feminine, beautificatory principles.

The soul’s lifeblood is a substance which we may call lyrium. Computer game franchise “Dragon Age” features “red lyrium,” used by dwarves for rune making. Gears of War has “Imulsion,” a yellow liquid high in value (identified as Freedom and Change, 5). These may be considered the “honey,” within the jewel of awareness, which is the “honeycomb.” Biblical Jonathan ate honey, which brightened his eyes, while Samson found honey in the carcass of a lion. Toltecs say that “gifts of power” come from our challenges.

Gears of War – A lake of Imulsion

Like the runes, lyrium (or “loosh”) is a basis of human peak performance. The runes, jewels of awareness and Reiki symbols go together in the formation of the human being.

Each shade of lyrium is component to the glowing coat of awareness. Joseph had a “coat of many colours.” Margaret Weiss and Tracey Hickman’s The Death Gate Cycle featured “Haplo” who had glowing sigils. The Chronicles of Riddick has a central character (Riddick) whose eyes glow blue. In “Pitch Black,” part of that series, the stranded survivors endure a lengthy solar cycle, enduring pure darkness. Hoops of glowing light defend them from the aliens who otherwise predate them but which are afraid of light and fire.

In the famous “Star Wars” franchise, light-sabers embody the magical nature of human masculine potential – his honour or character. We may assume “new seers” have blue colouration and “old seers” prefer muladhara chakra, which is red. Darth Vader has a red lightsaber, embodying vice, but Luke Skywalker has blue, embodying virtue.

Excalibur is portrayed similarly. Joyeuse was a sword whose colours changed numerous times during any one day. A “sword of light” reflects pathfinding ability, the capacity for honour, and the quest for freedom and truth. Intent causes the sigils to burn and assume a differing hue, reflective of a different component of the total glowing coat of awareness. Honour is gold, stability is silver (etc).

EXCALIBUR A Lunar mystery. Concerns the sila and disciplining of the self. A bright blue beam of light is the illumination of the moon – the lunar Catalyst. There is an indication and premise of the path-with-a-heart. Full of purpose, granting task based steps to success, embodying commitment and shining with all virtues and talents, Excalibur may be pulled only by the gentle of heart. Any sword of light will convey (stage related) excellence in terms of pathfinding and personal empowerment, and aid where fine discrimination and bold choice-making are the requirement.

Excalibur – the lunar mystery is directive and illuminating with regard to the masculine quest for discipline and purpose. The moon – Luna – lights the way, while the sword may only pulled from the stone by the gentle at heart

Don Juan Matus said that an alien predator stole the glowing coat of awareness, nipping the colouration of the aura down to it’s toes. The aliens are addicted. In Frank Herbert’s “Dune,” a substance called melange (or “spice”) was essential to rulership, psychic power and personal longevity.

Don Juan Matus and Carlos Castaneda saw “mud shadows” that had corralled man’s awareness. The mud shadows were also seen by Carlos Castaneda interfering with the life of “average man” (i.e. common man). The mud shadows are responsible for social perceptions about others and about the self – the self-image.

A giant gnat, having the head of a ram, guarded the second attention gateway. It caused fear and astral pain to afflict Carlos Castaneda. Don Juan believed that it had to be overcome, since it was reflective of self-importance and self-pity. Don Juan Matus regarded it as not only an external, inner-plane creature, but possibly as a reflection of one’s own stranded or benighted condition: to eradicate the effects of the gnat was to regain one’s capacity for freedom and second attention empowerment – the glowing coat and the sigils of awareness. This leads to the sixth stage of life, and Don Juan was a sixth-stage realiser.

However, in the myth of “Beauty and the Beast” we find the concept of a power-ally, wherein a “prince” is discovered to be the real identity of “Therion.” Beauty, or “Babalon,” is a seventh stage transition. Beauty (The Harlot of Babylon) embodies vice and sin – but only as the “beast instinct” in it’s regained fashion. Beauty is now not a virtuous “new seer,” like Don Juan Matus, nor a viceful “old seer” (like Julian Osorio) but a Parama-Sapta-Na Sannyasin – a blend of the old seer and new seer lineages, and their nondual confluence like the river Tigris (alluding also to the “Tiger” dreaming class of the seventh stage of life).

Beauty and the Beast – Beauty (Babalon) accepts The Beast (Therion) as having qualities intrinsic to the human condition, as the great consciousness-divide between the old seers and new seers is shattered in the formation of Parama-Sapta-Na Sannyasin order (a third type of seer)

The giant gnat houses mankind in the crystals, but discovered as “prince” this could lead to personal illumination and worldly empowerment.

Returning to the Klic Klac delusion, the light jewels are the illusion that a creational father-diety called “Jehovah” exists, that “Jesus” is his son, and that a mother “Shekinah” is the Holy Spirit. The light jewels are all reflective of the “angelic” delusion of the human condition, since they are simply-and-only “jewels,” embedded in the ruddy-red clay of an urn, inside which humankind is independently caught. There exists no “Creator God,” or when he is found, he is wired in, and his voice is found emitting from a megaphone. To believe in “God the Father” is to believe in a wishful image, to wish upon a light jewel that conveys no actual or true meaning, and which holds no independent or factual beingness. Don Juan said the “mold of man” had “no true power” and was simply part of the human mold of attributes that were stamped out. He said it was pointless for Carlos Castaneda, as he had, offered his personal servitude and intense dedication or love. The “mold of human attributes” (or human form) are the jewels themselves.

Satan is the second illusion. Satan is the “dark jewels of awareness.” Satan exists only in the mind of the subliminal underpinning to the first attention. “Satan” is the outproduct of the dark jewels, which manifest now as the “seven deadly sins” known to Catholicism. Satan means little, since he is only an “actor,” likewise is “Jehovah-God” only a screen-actor. Between all of the jewels of awareness, “Laughing Mama” (Taweret) has caught and defeated humanity, who continues to bounce from faith to faith, from religion to religion, or from one human plane expression to another, as the human soul pursues excellence through moments of peak human performance. All of which is “Klic Klac,” the experience of a machinery of mind that ever-promises a happiness that is ever lost by the same activity of separation, desire and psychological fragmentation.

Knowledge of the runes, crystals and jewels of awareness constitutes ceasing to perish, in Parama-Sapta-Na Sannas terms, from a lack of wisdom. Otherwise, Adi Da said that even his worship, and even the use of murti icons, could suffer from degrees of Klic Klac, as his actual self is lost in the maze of causality, or by clone-like assimilation into the structures of Laughing Mama and mind – the gnat is made delirious on the grazing upon the real. People think and believe they are living within a religious pathway of truth. People think and believe they are Da-ists. People experience light and peace and bliss – they experience the crest blessed jewels of awareness – but at which stage of life do they perceive them? The “Pleasure Dome” can be the measure and reflection, like the breastplate of Aaron, of sovereign empowerment and worldly magnamosity – or it could simply be a way to indulge the present stage of life. Joy and blissfullness might be the actual opposite to the true, shining pathway of the Parama-Sapta-Na Sannyasin. For some of these reasons, I have chosen to teach from a relative position of obscurity, avoiding the mad herd of the major religious successes, and tackling the real issues that address the ordinary householder.

Average man lives in a giant mirror-ball of self. The reflection of Narcissus is the front face of all of the jewels of awareness, which express duality that is myriad, myopic and delusory. Daily man travails without first thought – without the first clue to who or what “life” consists of. Life is based or versed in “Divine Ignorance” (Adi Da Samraj) but mankind assumes that it knows what it is doing, from any given day, or within any week structure. All of mankind’s activities amount to a sheer folly that must baffle the mind and astound the senses. Average man is fundamentally and chronically unhappy, but acts to the contrary. The bulk of sleeping mankind walks the talk of Moloch, even though he or she is burning, inwardly suffering the fires of Apis the roaring minotaur-bull.

Conditional existence is an “oven” that must be pierced by the shining light that “unbolts the dark” (Adi Da). The Dawn Horse must employ all “down-crashing energy,” unlocking the pins and gates that belie man and waylay in gross ignorance. When “I” awaken, then life stands intrinsically naked and pure, having a “centerless center,” by means of the location of the “witness position” in the sixth stage of life. This website serves the attainment of the “witness position” of consciousness, by explaining “mind” and it’s constituent components in a spiritually scientific fashion. As such, it may be considered a blend of Unofficial Adidam and the Toltec Teachings. The astute may realise that such a “forward doorway” steps beyond the old seers and the new seers to the concept of the Parama Sapta Na Sannyasin.

As a marginalised and somewhat societally obstructed sixth-stage awakenee, I decided to render my knowledge and awakening in terms of this teaching website, which is a free of charge (Adidam-Toltec) crossover, but also the evolving expression of the Parama Sapta Na Sannyas order itself, which must take roots in society, moving beyond the rigid temple structures employed by Adidam in it’s formative period. As such, I must stand in communication to Adidam and communicate or reveal what I know and understand to Adidam practitioners, but I cannot consider myself a member of the main body of Adidam. I belong instead to “Da” in a direct or spontaneous fashion, and to the attitudes of Real God-liness alone, which are free and indivisible. Empoverished and yet dedicated to the task at hand, I am poor, yet nevertheless regal and appropriately world-wise within my own work and teaching structure.

External References


  • Terry Brooks wrote “The Elfstones of Shannarah,” published in 1982, and part of the “Shannarah” trilogy of fantasy novels. The “black elfstone” and the “Loden” reflect the concept of jewel zero and jewel thirty-three, the “hidden” jewels of the Toltec system, now revealed to man in his hour of necessity.

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