Jewels Of Awareness

Toltec Jewels Of Awareness: Knowledge (14)

  • SUMMARY The theory of “work” means we employ our incoming spiritual energy (descending from above) for the return of profit (taking root in the earth). In the rush to earn money, and by forgetting their spiritual blueprint or original purposes, average man becomes lost in the Labyrinth of Penumbra – a wall-out on their original soul’s design. If they begin to embody their spiritual blueprint, then work opportunity mysteriously dries up. The loss of the spirituality-industry unity forges a fundamental duality between “meaning” and “purpose,” their sedition describing the walls of the labyrinth, as man twists in a despair of “work I hate” or “starving artist” only-and-merely. The Hallways of Arcadia must provide an escape – where “work I love” is supplied with sufficient industrious balance to effect escape velocity (by Maa Shakti) from the sinking Titanic (from Penumbra, the All-Seeing-Eye).
  • ARCHETYPES Deus Ex Machina. Penumbra. All-Seeing-Eye. Maa Shakti. Goya.

OCCUPATION TRAPS The trap is “I love my job” when, in fact, I detest its very presence. Sufficient people have told me I should be happy, since I earn more than other people, and I am apparently smiling a lot, or that I appear to be rich or successful. My naked and beating heart informs me otherwise. In the stillness of the night I hear the cry of angels, and the load roar of Satan the imprisoned dragon – but I choose to ignore these heeding voices. I choose to for another day ignore the presence of the divine parashakti. I ignore the knock the spirit.

MAA SHAKTI / DESCENT OF THE SPIRIT Maa Shakti knocks and waits. For the Parama-Sapta-Na Sannyasin, Maa Shakti is equivalent to the Hebrew Holy Spirit. To the Parama-Sapta-Na Sannyasin, the Hebrew Holy Ghost is only an apparition – a device of Satan himself. The Holy Spirit is part of the “mold of man,” having or holding no power to affect the walls and slimy, dank interior-exteriors of the labyrinth of Penumbra. Holding or having no power. Day by day those who pursue Jesus are lost and forlorn, chasing evaporating hopes in a desert of decay called Sinai. Something else must occur: I must awaken to the presence and opportunity affected by Avatar Adi Da Samraj – and the growing world religion of Adidam. Everything else is “The Mummery.”


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