Jewels Of Awareness

The Toltec Jewels Of Awareness: Death (13)

  • SUMMARY Joy becomes stagnation, and then depression. Happiness becomes unhappiness, and then deteriorates into animal fright. There exists a feeling of disrepair and reverse chakra spin, while the chakric energy is sucked. Energy predation is rife, and the lifeful powers become replaced with mortal terror and an abject sense of doom. The divine star must replace the dark energies of the world of the inorganic beings. From “death,” the capacity for decadent richness, and from “terror” will become the wondrous and expansive reach into infinity. Powerlessness and the energy sump will transform into the perfect or idealised shape of the divine star, whose five points never need maintenance, and which expresses “regenerative amrita nadi” in the body-mind, and in “effectively blessing it’s relations” (DHT).
  • POSITIVE ASSOCIATIONS Final Or Irrevocable Transitions. Endings. Death-As-Advisor. Liberation From Old Ways & Forms. Depth. Thanatos. Base Instinct. Root Of Passions. Getting To The Nub Of The Issue.
  • SHADOW REVERSAL Fatality, Harm Or Danger. (Or) Hanging On To Life. Same-Same. Drudgery. Meaningless Existence. Morbidity, Gloom & Despair.


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