Hidden Or Forbidden Jewels

Toltec Jewels Of Awareness: Absolute Freedom (0)

  • SUMMARY Personal power is hard won. When it arrives, it is dark gold to amber in colour. Don Juan instructed Carlos Castaneda that power arrived on the wings of an emporer moth. There is a rain or shower of gold specks, responsible for “knowledge,” conveying the power needed to shift the assemblage point to a position wherein all necessary talent becomes spontaneously aligned. Best results arrive from the best influx of energy. The best and most profitable work force is able to transmute lead to gold.
  • POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES Power. Gold Dust. Specks Of Gold From The Wing Of A Moth (Don Juan Matus / Carlos Castaneda). Prosperity & Abundance. Providence. Havingness. Personal Power. Substance. Body & Depth. Kingdoms Of The World. Keys To Power.
  • SHADOW REVERSAL Powerless. Despair. Desparaged. Demoralised. Incapable. Unprofitable. Slack Or Lazy. Lacking Insight Or Necessary Energy. Unemployment. Poverty. Low Self-Worth. Lacking Confidence. Degeneration. Delapidation. Financially Disadvantaged.


CREATE MY REALITY I can create my reality in tandem with other co-creative beings of the universe. All such “create my reality” or “creative visualisation” techniques stem from the understanding contained in the vast wisdom of jewel zero. By “faith as small as a mustard seed” (Mt. 17:20) I can create a new house, foster a new identity or gain a job or occupation of my choosing. Nothing stands prior to the act of reality creation, and so this is the absolute freedom (0) to be, do or have anything I so desire, including “spiritual enlightenment,” which is the opposite pole of total freedom (33).


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