Dark Jewels 28-32

Toltec Jewels Of Awareness: Abuse Generally (29)

  • SHADOW ATTRIBUTES: Hostility. Hatred. Strife. Condemnation. Bullying. Psychological Abuse. Violence. Murder. Genocide. Alcohol Or Substance Abuse. Disrespect. Slander. Gossip.
  • POSITIVE REVERSAL Nonduality. Reality Co-Creation. Sovereignty. Divine Recognition Of Another. Shattering Self-Reflection. Forgiveness. Respecting Self, Tribe & Tradition. Latter Rain. Deliverance. Water Walking / Daily Miracles.

General Concepts

SUMMARY / OVERVIEW Jewel abuse generally suggests a wild and uncomfortable ride, as “self” comes into seditionary conflict with the apparent or perceived “other.” In the theory of nonduality, two “selves” or two “egos” do not in fact exist. Therefore, the concept of unfriendly abuse and name-calling hinges upon a central axis that is dubious to the core. The concept of conflict and violence don’t make sense either. Conflict and violence must be an “agreed upon” activity. Hernandez Cortez “agreed” upon an Aztec world where the battleaxe was king, and where souls were sacrificed each day on the temple steps, their beating hearts ripped out in an ultimate example of dark crystal abuse generally. Obsidian daggers were utilised by priests trained to offer sacrifice to an ancient sun God (the mold of man, Jehovah). However, “Samuel Colt” – the modern pistol or rifle – now laid waste to an entire army at the capital city of Tenochtitlan. The western world held different values about warfare, and so today a small number of nuclear warheads have the capacity to destroy the entire world. We must come to see that all abuse is inherently wrong or misconstrued, since it is essentially very “powerful” at one end, but based upon a weak value system and perception of reality itself. People usually attack others when they believe they will win, and the two souls (or dreamers) must set up and arrange each form of abuse prior to the actual event. So how can a “champion” exist in egotistic terms? “Ego” is an inherently unreal concept – the victim or abusee must be similarly “strong in spirit,” as Jesus of Nazareth chose “weak to be strong.” Moreover and more-to-the-point, only one being exists, but the jewels of awareness cause “reflections” to appear, wherein I see myself in loveless self-hatred and others as no longer an extension of my own infinite beingness. Each and every jewel of awareness has become a way to engender a two-way duality, wherein I must necessarily for now “see through a glass darkly” [the jewels of awareness are the creational, crystalline generators of the first attention].

(04/08/17) WATER WALKING Christ stilled the waters. Goddess Tethys invites us to the act of water walking, when the muddy waters of abuse generally (29) threaten to sink us like a stone. Instead of indulging in complaint or feeling bitter, we may instead observe that we can “create our reality” instead. This becomes what Adi Da Samraj terms “the signs and powers of God” (The Dawn Horse Testament).

Becoming powerful reality manifestors allows us to identify existing points of complicit agreement. We may have chosen an experience of abuse for a reason which caused our soul to grow stronger. No longer requiring or desiring to experience pain and lack, we may directly discrete this old construct, shedding the “Leviathan” husk or crysalis, within which the abusee is apparently captured in a “concentration camp” of sorts (Leviathan is the spirit of Adolf Hitler).

Healing abuse comes when we realise ourselves as unique units of the one life. If only one original divine self exists , then one may simply and directly will or command the universe to “stop.” In “The Matrix” franchise, Neo likewise was able to stop the bullets – not by force – not by anger – not by magic – but alone by the “third ring of power,” which arises from nondual recognition of “self” and “other.” Only “I” exist. Only “Da” exists. Both “myself” and the spirit of “antichrist” (Leviathan / Hitler) are one-and-same. We may observe that the film takes after the Toltec concept of “stopping the world,” which comes by the halting of the internal dialogue – a continual motion and chattering of self-hatred and inner criticism or unlove.

So what of the Jews who experienced genocide at the hands of his rule? We may assume that very deep down, from an untouchable place of stillness, all souls choose to experience pains and even death, but that an undying spirit exists, choosing and assuming the leela (the play of existence) for a reason which awakens the soul to ultimate reality. This is the “Spear of Destiny,” and it leaves nobody behind, neither does it observe any captive. For all are inherently free in the Cup of Babalon (the Holy Grail) and yet the admixtures of the alchemical experiences of the soul work through apparent great trials, and even physical sufferings. Yet none of these have ever disturbed the existence of “Da” – the Divine Self Person (who is me and you).

We may assume that those who likewise suffer in the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble,” will suffer pains (like the scorpions who sting) for a time and season, becoming liberated through the apparency of the petty tyrant, and all of the dictatorships yet to come. Likewise will the brave also overcome, as Don Juan attested, the “tyrant within.” The outer “petty tyrant” in his explanation leading to the overcoming of self-hood and to the mountaintop of spiritual enlightenment (from, presumably, Mt. Golgotha). The Nazis never overcame their own petty tyrant, and so they remain unenlightened, on the gloomy and unawakened earth. This is surely no “master race,” and so a “little child” must come to set them free, having first awakened, and then befriended “parts” of the Nazi mindset – like determination, forthrightness, common sense, a sense of control, the darker sciences, and the dedication, like the death defier, to overcoming the rolling force of death and dying – as in the spirit of the old seers (who Nazi’s are).

Without nondual understanding, the great civilisation will never arise. Abuse (29) is the experience of just the opposite. The experience of the opposite leads back to the real. Just like the experience of all lack of love and friendship leads to the truer and truest friendship – the Divine Self-Condition – limitless, free and inherently love-blissful.

THE MIASMA The Jews were gassed to death. Game Skyrim features a “Miasma,” which confuses the senses, causing temporal distortion. The spirit called “Moloch,” in my view, appears to have fostered or created a “veil” by means of a transembodied effect between “spirit” and apparent “matter.” Since only one thing may exist, either called “spirit” or “matter.” Only spiritmatter exists, so any dualism is explained in terms of the apparent “dirt” whereby Adolf Hitler believed Jews were inherently unclean. He was shadow projecting, of course, but we may also observe that the Nazi’s were often cleaner because of their fastidious and ritualistic routine-behaviour. Likewise, the Bible holds the concept of “the leaven of the Pharisees.” If mankind is now “poisoned,” then we also have an explanation for what Toltecs refer to as “the madness of the dream” as well as the “strife” of the mythological Eris. Mankind has fallen into the poisoned apple sleep of Cinderella, which is the Satanic consumption of the forbidden fruit. In Dragon Age: Inception, the inquisitors must choose between allegiance to the witches or the templars, in order to heal a “rift” which also causes a temporal distortion, and an influx of “unclean beings” by means of the opening of fade portals, which must be closed by the central protagonist. It seems that Abel / Moses / Jewish Origin / New Seer / Good / Christian / Templar are all the same “light side of the force,” where Cain / Nazi / Old Seer / Evil / Witchcraft are all the “dark side of the force” but that the fade must and can only close, like in the movie Ghostbusters, where the two streams of energy, that are supposed never to touch, must come together. Now, the human being emerges from out of the roasted Anubis jackal, the assumption of an astral egregore having formed the apparent character of all human beings on earth. Men were either “bad boys” or “nice guys,” for instance. But the true “lambda male” must here emerge as the “man of understanding,” and a similar case is true of the female model of selfhood within the seventh stage reality.


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