Dark Jewels 28-32

Toltec Jewels Of Awareness: Abuse Of Power (28)

  • SUMMARY Abuse of Power (28) doesn’t suffer criticism due to it’s crocodile thick skin. Abuse of Power (28) is an illicit assumption of Sobek, a crocodile God revered in Ancient Egypt. A corporate-dominant mindset awakens early, drives work goals through to fruition, and relentlessly hones down upon each nuance of acquisition. If others are disapproving, so what?
  • SHADOW ATTRIBUTES: Inequality. Quick Path To Power. Illicit Leverage, Boosts To Power Or Unfair Advantages. Foul Play. Disempowerment. Low Energy. Low Enthusiasm. Low Personal Power. Supremacy Or Corporate Dominance. Powerless Rage. Invisiblity Or Unpopularity. Power-Ladder. Overbearing.
  • POSITIVE REVERSAL Peak Performer. Energised. Powerful. Foot-In-The-Door / Best Foot Forward. Quick Improvements. Optimal Route-Setting & Pathfinding. Making Progress Happen. Notoriety Is Better Than Invisibility.


SUMMARY / OVERVIEW Jewel abuse of power reminds us of the kryptonite of Superman. Quick boosts to performance and the development of extraordinary human potential may come at the cost of suffering bouts of weakness or despair. Abuse of power may be likened to an abuse of sports performance drugs, which has given an individual a temporary advantage over the competition. Even if they are later condemned for their actions, these ambitious individuals have nevertheless gained credibility and power, entering the public eye by their deviancy. The notoriety gained was worth the risk. A notorious status may be found preferable to life of sterile boredom and relative unpopularity.

CORPORATE DOMINANCE An illicit gain to power may occur when two or more people gather for no other reason than money or power itself. The employees of a company now thrive – not because of the true colours the business brings to society, and not because they enjoy each others company – but purely because each individual has agreed to build a dark or menacing phallus to male supremacy into the sky – a modern skyscraper – intimidating and overpowering the local populace in the process. A legitimate jewel-merger, re-inclusive of the dark jewel abuse of power may find that “corporate dominance” and “charitable, civil good-will” yield their ideal merger. A “co-operative,” small business or system of franchise is the middle ground. The interdependent modus operandi of “intelligent co-operation” is a smart move in the emerging, doom-free economy of the new dispensation, and where the nurturing of “inner giftings and talents” is prized along with the actual ability to bring home the bacon. It seems that Potiphar’s wife is still desirous of Joseph and his peacock feathers of inner experience. If only these can merge with the “alpha masculinity” of Pharoah, then the result will be the modern development of a “grain silo” to overcome the current economic disaster…

SELF HYPNOSIS Insensitivity consists of a sensitivity to self. If blithe denial and absent reverie or even forgetfulness are adopted as dark virtues (dark crystal allies, or useful vices) then we become capable of extraordinary deeds. If every sign and omen is otherwise peered into and examined, then insanity could result from gazing into “the world of sorcerers,” where “the unknown” only becomes magnified, and whose halls and libraries are endless, spurning the dangers of too much knowledge. By use of “self-hypnosis,” we may re-program or delete chunks of memory and experience which seem otherwise difficult to handle. We may simply program our mind for success, which is one part of a healthy strategy for living. Outright “truth” and straight “sobriety” consist of the more virtuous, alternative strategy, but the opposite hemisphere of the brain takes longer to adjust during moments of fear and distress.

External References

  • Marvel Comics Superman uses a dark green crystal, “Kryptonite.” Sometimes this boosts his performance, granting him his superpowers and extrasensory perception. It also, however, weakens him upon other occasions. The use of Kryptonite is positive in one sense, but dark or sinister in others, a fact which is similar to Batman and other comic book superheroes, who gain their power from the “shift below.”
  • Character and FBI agent Steve Haines, appears in Rockstar Games’ “Grand Theft Auto 5.” He uses performance drugs, and has an excessive, testosterone fuelled attitude problem. Along with the other ambitious personalities that seem to inhabit the sunshine and sex minded community of Los Santos, the character of Steve Haines is a humorous and sardonic depiction of just how power and ambition can run rampant or on automatic. Add to the availability of every form of leisure and pleasure, plenty of sun, sea and sex, and we may begin to see why a latent or background corruption – invisible to western man – lays dormant within the western psyche and within a western colonialist mindset.

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