Hidden Or Forbidden Jewels

Toltec Jewels Of Awareness: Total Freedom (33)

  • SUMMARY “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” is the popular expression. Diamond is the hardest or most enduring substance, but just as in the formation of real diamond from coal, sufficient soulish heat and pressure must be personally endured, in order that the ultimate soul-diamond be brought about within any one lifetime. The result is the attainment of spiritual enlightenment within the current lifetime.
  • POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES Life Is Fundamentally Sound. Fundamental Trust Implicit Within Existence. No Self. Selfless Control. Serenity. Absolute Peace Or Bliss. Infinity. Selfless Happiness. Infinite Blissfulness. Pure Land. Intrinsic Selflessness. Divine Contentment (Anutosh). Naked Or Intrinsic Crystalline Perfection. Solid-State “Nothingness.” Blithe Or Innate Joy Or Peacefulness.
  • SHADOW REVERSAL Condemnation & Blame. Cast Down. Judged. Being Ignored. Made-Nothing-Of. Invisible. Quantum Entanglement. Unsupported. A Lack Of All Good Things. A Destruction Of The Effect Of All Light Crystals (Disrepair). Clinical Insanity Or Mental Ill-Health. Fundamental Instability. Depression. Scorn. Mockery. Bitterness. Derision Or Bitter Rebuke. At Cross-Purposes. Antipathy. Rendered Out Of The Social Mileu.


Master jewel total freedom holds a masterful grip upon awareness, and the effect of it is epitomal relative to both personal consciousness and the world system as a whole. When merkstave, slavery turns to insanity – the absolute lack of freedom consists of the inability to experience positive self-thoughts, contentment or a clear mind. While the external effects of a shadow total freedom include near total societal abandonment and abnegation. The finger is pointed, while the self experiences a sense of morbid doom. Apparently, I have been utterly condemned. I am completely unworthy, even villainous.

Returning to the positive use of this crystal brings Anutosh – a feeling of the intrinsic “nothingness” implicit not only within the stillness of the void – but returned to matter. Here, “spirit” (or consciousness) has become housed in the material domain itself, and so “enlightenment” consists of perceiving the material domain as intrinsically “okay” – a fact which also implies “the hairs must be out of place,” sometimes. The imperfect material domain is nevertheless not the issue. The perfect and most harmonious substance is the transembodiment of the spiritual and material – and this is most innate – underlying both the separated “consciousness” (or “stillness”) and the material fulfillment of joy in leisure and pleasure (sometimes equated with Jezebel). Instead of personal condemnation, “I” as in “ego” do not exist. The ego-self is not important or crucial, since there are “not-two” persons in the material domain. This perceived fact remains true, even if others remain critical; they have merely chosen to remain within the round of incarnation, having traded their enlightenment for the material trinkets that reflect descensional counterfeits (by life-stages) of the higher jewels of awareness (or crest-blessed jewels).


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