Jewels Of Awareness

The Toltec Jewels Of Awareness: Courage (18)

  • ATTRIBUTES Courageous. Capacity For Bold Or Fearless Action. Confidence & Self Worth. Risk Taker. Leadership Skills. Charisma & Stage Presence. Ability To Contain, Influence Or Inspire Opposite Sex. Management Of Fear & Distress. Alpha Male Or Omega Female. Action-Not-Reaction.
  • SHADOW: Terrors. Fears. Phobia. Demoralised. Lacking Self-Worth & Self-Esteem. Timidity. Survival Concerns. Intimidation & Bullying. Abuse Or Neglect. Cowardice.
  • TOLTEC UNIT Male Nagual Being.


Courage (19) is a strangely manipulated jewel. Men and women have apparently become herded into pens, and their instinctual strength and capacity for boldness or action has been stripped from them by a Jet Black Eagle (a Toltec metaphor for Jung’s Shadow).

“Power and control” on their own are never “confidence,” because one must reach and perceive the “sacred flame,” in the left side, where all human beings have a common source. The concept of separation and divisiveness required in aggressive competition is a type of mistaken perception about humanity. Life would consist of more than “one” single actor. Given that this is the truth, then life could not inherently be trusted, and so even the bravest of individuals would at times become inherently fearful or shaky about the perceived “unknown” with regard to other human beings, and the universe-at-large.

The Jet Black Eagle hones down on his prey, stalking each and every thought, every minute of the day. If a thought of self-confidence should emerge, the Jet Black Eagle is ready to question that same confidence, until the self-confidence of the male or female in question is shattered open like an egg. What can be done to heal those who now have a low self-esteem?

True confidence must consist of an aggressive, driven instinct, in the right-side awareness. Fear and timidity are not courage. However, kindness, compassion and peace must simultaneously be developed within left-side awareness. The result is the fierce-but-kind aspect of Andrasteia, a hare-goddess who is not afraid to speak her mind, but who feels no need to harass, condemn or violently strive against another unit of what she truly and innocently regards as the “One Life.” To do so would only constitute a form of mistaken abuse or dissension against her own soul. Courage (19) contains now both boldness and pliability (or forgiveness).


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