Jewels Of Awareness

The Toltec Jewels Of Awareness: Forbearance (12)


Light Jewel 12. Ruthless Detachment, Point Of No Pity


Master stalkers play their cards slowly and expertly. The stresses and concerns of the potential losses of expert casino players are mitigated by the capability to leverage unusual forces, or to lend extra gravity to the game. Their instinctual grip on the situation is so superb that they never once lose their control.

Episodes of discontent and strife are surface level, and fail to contain depth or power. The “place of no-pity” is an expression of unconditional love in action, and “ruthlessness” consists of neutrality rather than hostility or spite. There is a capacity to act effectively under pressure and without emotional duress.


Wanting To Quit. Caving In Under Pressure / Yielding To Defeat. Trapped. Victimised.


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