Jewels Of Awareness

The Toltec Jewels Of Awareness: Completion (9)

There exists an urge or need to bring all causal eventualities to completion (9). Obstructions to a finished job include tiredness, sloth and torpor – all of which create a tar pit – wherein the tar baby of self is waylaid. Lost dreams and ambitions must be restored and fulfilled. Broken hopes must be repaired. Noah’s Ark must have it’s final nails struck in, readying the boat to finally float upon the “dark sea of awareness.”

To kiss the bird as it flies is the nascence of the “black cherry” model of the aura and self. The black cherry of Asherah is a rich fruit: one has “the whole world” but one does not cling to the objects of possession. One now touches the world lightly, as the crow flies. The “definitive flight” is a journey back through the lower demiurge, once enlightenment has been attained, kissing everything and touching everyone with joy and hope as one passes into infinity in the event of “final translation.”

Related Music

The track “Black Cherry” by Goldfrapp.


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