Jewels Of Awareness

The Toltec Jewels Of Awareness: Strength (11)

  • Associations: Strength. Tenacity. Endurance. Effective. Capability. Action-Not-Reaction. Robust. Durable. Solid. Four-Square. Upright & Forthright. Boldness. Tact. Leadership. Well Formed. Organised & Disciplined. Supported. Strength, Solidarity In Numbers.
  • Shadow: Weak. Timid. Lacking Backbone / Spineless. Unstructured. Failure. Incapable. Lacking Discipline, Lacking Definition. Imprisonment. Confined or Restricted. Sectioned. Emasculated. Oppressed. Roped In. Weakened Through Association.

Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela both experienced imprisonment and even solitary confinement. Those who experience sharp restrictions are often those who go on to become strong and enduring forces for world change. Those who are restricted, set others free. Those who are imprisoned in the flesh break prison bars in the spirit.

Energy only changes form. Energy can never be destroyed. Restriction in one area of a life consists of a breakthrough in another area. Stephen Hawking experienced the loss of mobility, which caused him a form of societal displacement. His brilliance is geared towards what we may consider scientific interconnectivity, he is empowered to teach humanity a “Theory of Everything“.

Life is intrinsically uncontained. If energy is apparently restricted, then the life-course or chosen destiny alters pathway, and the result is the sculpting of a shape that was ever-present. In the field of art and design, the presence of a “constraint” e.g. “graphite only” fosters enhanced capability by the simplicity of Zen-like concentration required. By contrast, those who are spoiled “with pens, ink and finest paint brushes” are often wishy-washy or unmotivated with regard to having too many choices, and in having so many factors catering to their external attention, they are unable to activate their heart centre by the power contained in silence.


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