Jewels Of Awareness

The Toltec Jewels Of Awareness: Impeccability (10)

  • Associations: Invidious. Invidious Mixture. Enviable. Circe. Abounding In Envy. Desirable. Employability. Right Action. Detailed. Dedicated. Thorough. Appropriate. Careful. Professional. Professionlism. Accuracy. Inimicable. True Image. True To Self.
  • Shadow: Perfectionist. Fussy. Stressful. Overly Tense. Nitpicking. Criticism. Unprofessional. Unemployable. Negative Envy. Careless. Overcommitted or Undercommitted. Inappropriate. Fooling Around / Indulging. Refusal To Co-operate or Play by the Rules.

Circe Invidia is an archetype of work and creativity. Work done, consisting of a viscous liquid of enviable perfection, will be an “invidious mixture.” The products we create aren’t “dry objects” but inspired and coloured possessions infused with elan-vital. The customer receives the manna of creativity, which fosters whole-body communication and grants power to the act of marketable relations. I am not selling a bare idea – I am giving away vials of liquid containing intrinsic power.

For those who suffer from unemployment, the shadowy essence of loneliness and separation from the working daily world can become a source of creativity. This, provided that the dark mass of challenge is mined for it’s potential in terms of a “gift of power.” We can choose to sink into the “miry clay” (Jung’s shadow) or use the “crude oil” to refine into expensive perfume. The difference is impeccability (10).


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