Dark Jewels 28-32

Toltec Jewels Of Awareness: Disharmony (32)

  • SHADOW ATTRIBUTES: Bromidic. Unfriendliness. Strife. Delapidation. Disrepair. Unemployment. Poverty. Deceit. Mixed-Up. Low Self-Worth. Pollution. Decay. Squalid Circumstances. Conspiracy.
  • POSITIVE REVERSAL Elysium. A State Of Divine Contentment & Perfect Rest. Clear-Headed. Smart & Organised. Sharp Thinker. Native Joy & Contentment (Anutosh). Ebullience.

SUMMARY / OVERVIEW Jewel disharmony is noxious like the element bromine, which, itself numbered thirty-five in the periodic table, derives it’s name from the Greek word for “stench.” Likewise, dark jewel disharmony emits a continual air of filth, and an air of instability or chaotic distress. Those caught in the shadow of the crystal disharmony suffer decline and experience a delapidation and acidic etching away within life circumstances; friends or relatives are now tempted to withdraw or retreat, fearing that they will be pulled or sucked into the same miry bog, and the depressive atmosphere of the shift below.

UNEMPLOYMENT / STIGMATISM The arid red clouds of energy may be found merkstave over any property, especially where poverty, stigma surrounding unemployment or mental ill-health are experienced by the sufferer. If this occurs, then run disharmony (32) in it’s positive orientation over the property. The air will feel clear, and any linked public organisations, such as well meaning but archaic public services, will cease their own soul link, as the contracts that retain one set of human beings in victorious wealth, and denounce another as unfit or unwilling to experience power and mental or financial well-being are cessated or cut.

UNFRIENDLINESS / STRIFE Unfriendliness is a strange or aberrant eventuality since human beings are essentially unified at their source and origin. Jewel disharmony is the mechanic, extant in consciousness, explaining how two mutually co-operative dreamers (oversouls) may co-coperatively experience the complicit condition termed “unfriendliness.” Friendship is otherwise inherent to consciousness, within the second attention. For this reason, true friendship will be found underneath or standing behind the assumed mechanism of two people who have temporarily become caught in the spell of disharmony. It must be noted that inclusion of the dark crystal within the overall concept of friendship (rather than just the light jewels) additionally includes “coldness” or “lovelessness” (i.e. as facets of disharmony) in the sense that a disregard for “personalised” or “syrupy” friendliness causes acceptable spaces and detachment in the experience of friendship. The actual nature of friendship is increased by this inclusion, rather than decreased. For instance, within romantic relationships the concept of having power makes sex exciting, since iciness and power-control are essentially equivalent to lustful passion, decadent or fully embodied worldliness, and to dominant structures of power that inspire and incite proper sexual arousal, overcoming the timidity and fear of touch or surrender to the sexual passions, and to all beast-like cavorting.

DISORIENTATION / CONFUSION Disharmony (32) may cause feelings of disorientation, confusion and discord in relation to spiritual and bodily energies. One may feel uprooted or ungrounded, off balance or otherwise caught in a bound knot of tension and in an emotional state of disparagement. The chakras are out of balance, and misaligned, while life purposes are generally disorganised and the head feels muddled.


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