Jewels Of Awareness

The Toltec Jewels Of Awareness: Freedom And Change (5)

  • SUMMARY An expanse into the eternal now brings new solutions. Freedom will emerge through a new pattern of self. When freedom appears, it comes with a new feather of experience, and a legitimate or true change signifies it’s indelible permanence in the soul.
  • ATTRIBUTES Ability To Be, Do & Have. Ability To Decide. Adult Maturity (Societal Freedom. Freedom As Adulthood). Energetic Freedom. Equanimity. Financial Freedom. Freedom Of Speech. Individuality & Independence. Life, Love & Liberty. Marriage. Sexual Freedom. Sovereignty. Sovereign Choice. Total Freedom. Totality Of The Self.
  • SHADOW Burning Fields (Of Testing). Breakdown. Death. Disaster. Divorce. Emotional Problems. Energetic Entrainment. Enmeshed. Enslavement. Entanglement. Entrapment. Failed Romance. Immaturity. Impinged Upon. Imprisonment. Oppression. Rebellion. Regret. Rejection. Restricted. Restriction.
  • OFFICE Female Westerly Stalker.


Nelson Mandela found freedom to explore new ideas, perhaps beause imprisonment disallowed him from doing anything else. Once freed, he manifested his greater life’s purpose – which Toltecs call a “life script” – within the wider society and even civilisation.

Stephen Hawking experienced a physical motorneurone disorder, which may explain why he is so good at science. Life held him back physically, but certainly not spiritually, and not intellectually.

We might prefer that all human beings would be physically mobile, and that slavery and racial oppression would not exist. This article is not aimed at the ideal or perfected notion of “perfect wellbeing” – as some forms of spirituality teach today – but at the common individual, and perhaps even the gifted, who nevertheless feel challenged by forces that may at times be difficult to comprehend or understand.

I hope that these two examples will instead convince people that their own trials and challenges are their ticket to freedom, containing gifts of power, as the Toltec tradition teaches. The Christian tradition also teaches that “honey is found in the lion.” Returning to the place where Samson had previously wrestled a lion, he now found honey, representative of the elixir of life, in the carcass.

External References

Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition. A pool of luminescent imulsion is a valuable and costly resource around which a planetary war between humans and the forces of “Locust” revolves.

  • In computer game franchise “Gears of War,” a substance called “Imulsion” is a luminescent or phosphorescent, semi-viscous liquid discovered on the planet Sera. The colour is yellow, and perhaps it is similar or constitutional within the “peridot” colour of the gem described in this article. This became a useful fuel, but also a source of conflict in the history of the planet, associated with the forces of Locust. The hordes of Locust may be possibly made equivalent to the Biblical Abaddon, and to the scorpions that have the power to sting man for a number of months, as detailed in the Book of Revelation. We can expect in this article that the combined crystal Freedom and Change (5) will bring unity to the two extant races of (organic) human and (alien) “locust.”

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