Jewels Of Awareness

The Toltec Jewels Of Awareness: Light Through Darkness (15)

SUMMARY Illumination first brings darkness and later the dawn. Education and the trials of youth do not lead only to a conventional occupation or congenial purpose, but ideally to gnosis and the mastery of higher wisdom or understanding. The purpose of life is to become a clear channel for spirit. Mere survival is not sufficient to pierce the veil. A higher and more brilliant expression of self must emerge as the soul’s ideal template.


Negatively aspected light through darkness (-15) is pure misery – the experience of loss, poverty, despair, silent torture, and the loss of friendship, loved ones, work opportunities, pleasures and the lighter things of life. Negative circumstances are collectively “Nastrond,” a realm of beggars and criminals, governed by Goddess Ereshkigal. Nastrond is a form of ego-bullying, by use of light through darkness (15) in it’s shadow orientation. White Buffalo Calf Woman (Pesan-Wi) is the positively aspected light through darkness (15), providing a way out of the dark underworld and into the light of day. White Buffalo Calf Woman protects against Ereshkigal and her desire to cause the “shift below.” In some sense, then, White Buffalo Calf Woman is the opposite, we might say “shift above” (the waterline of the subconscious mind), and in the midway, will be encountered the Goddess Rhiannon: whose sword “Excalibur” is representative of the waterline and it’s two sides as related to thought – “take me up” and “cast me away.”

Use of light through darkness (15) enables the memory (past) and visualisation faculty (future) to tune in to positive frequencies, and to recapture fond memories that enhance the quest for greater and greater happiness. Others will respond in surprisingly positive ways, to the “new you.” The negative form of light through darkness (15) achieved just the opposite – by the programmatic and repetitive activity called “internal dialogue” – a barrage of hateful accusation and spiteful self-important finger-pointing took place. This was then assumed by the crowd in “crowd mentality.” Perhaps other people really did like you and cherish you (in their higher self), but they assumed a moment of great weakness, and gave in to “Jung’s shadow” – to the darker element of their nature (to the lower self).


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