Dark Jewels 22-27

The Toltec Jewels Of Awareness: Fear (24)


  • NUMBER: 24.
  • TYPE: Dark Jewel.
  • SUMMARY: A Sense Of Doom & Panic. Related To The “Rolling Force,” Or To Factors Which Are Unconfrontable Or Seem Out Of Control.

Fear calls men and women to question themselves. A re-examination of motives might aid with fear. Some individuals are afraid of heights, while others are afraid of public speaking. Others are hypochondriacs or suffer from social anxiety disorder. Some people fear a loss of control. Fear represents a feeling of non confrontability relative to knowledge which feels morbid, alienating or out of reach (beyond personal control).

Human beings become caught in the grip of fear, whereby they feel separated from life and God. Panic ensues, and there is often an indecision between the two choices to “fight” (the fear or situation) or “flight” (to run or bolt). The “rolling force” of death is the “tumbler,” which evades direct knowability, and evades a sense of panicky fright. Here, to “fight” isn’t a definition of “fearlessness,” but only the dualistic assertion of egotism. Circumstances can change, but “death,” itself is immutable, existing in an “impossible fortress” of pure chaos, hidden from mortal reach. Striving against the goads – striving against the true challenge implied in fear – there is a loss of love and expansive freedom. Neither “fight” nor “flight” will result in victory. Neither “fight” nor “flight” describe a relational or co-operative mode of solution to any fear based problem. By stark contrast, they are the two precise faults that beget failure.

In the Bible it is said that “perfect love casts out fear…” (1 John 4:18). A love of life and of other human beings provides a warming and fiery deterrent to the icy grip and cold fragmentation of the rolling force and it’s panicky, yawning gap to oblivion. When we love another, we are healed from fear by our focus upon caring and kindness. The Book of John adds “because fear has to do with punishment.” (1 John 4:18). If the hungry ghost or demon is integrated into the main personality, then fear will no longer exist as an oppositional force, deity or entity that may engender “spirit possession.” For what, precisely, is the “tumbler” but a way of describing how “life” and “death” stand in opposition. Taking “life” by the descent of the holy spirit has made the ego-actor assume the living stance, by the corporeality of the “nephesh” and soul, pale-white in colour. So now I become “pale as a ghost,” pallid and as timid as a turtledove – when in fact I have now cast out the opposite, black crow of death. If these two forces can re-unite, then there exists no “rolling force” outside of myself. “Life” and “death,” “spirit” and “matter,” “male” and “female” have united (women sometimes equated as having the latent Jezebel nature by virtue of their feminine attribution alone). If these two have united, then instead of a twisted (Bill and Ted played twister in their “Excellent Adventure” film) mass of non-confrontable variables, there now stands a clear-cut corridor to infinity. The twisting and torsional contractions have relented – and the “spirit” has been revealed beyond the clinging to the living form.


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