Jewels Of Awareness

The Toltec Jewels Of Awareness: Guidance (7)

  • SUMMARY Home is where the heart is. A campfire serves as a beacon light in the wilderness, offering up spiritual guidance and information as sky and earth are re-aligned. The household hearth is the locus of family sensibility, and the alchemical crucible within which the Philosopher’s Stone is formed. A reliable teacher or desirable guide is one who has endured the alchemical and transmutational processes that result in the spontaneous alignment of the assemblage point on the position for gnosis to occur.
  • ATTRIBUTES Advice. Angels Helpers & Spirit Guides. (Seeing the) Bigger Picture. Charm (& Persuasion). Direction & Directiveness. Intuition. Journeys & Journey Work. Pathfinding. Plot Comprehension. Sound Counsel.
  • SHADOW Blind. Blinded To The Truth. Conspiracy. Disinformation (& Misinformation). Gullible. False Progress. Lacking Firm Conviction. Seduction (Easily Led). Smoke & Mirrors. Smokescreen. False Progress. Misled. Bad Advice. Smokescreen. Waylaid.
  • OFFICE Female Southerly Courier.




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