Jewels Of Awareness

The Toltec Jewels Of Awareness: Choosing Between Old And New (6)

  • SUMMARY The sharpshooters of the universe uphold the structures put in place by past, present and future masters. A trial of the grasses must gather elemental forces at Tan Tien so that these otherwise insurmountable judges are convinced. Dragon lore breaks like forked lightening across a sky full of sorrows, reconnecting the lost and forlorn with their objects of need.
  • ATTRIBUTES Controlled Folly. Decisiveness. Focused Power. Political Aptitude. Tenacity, Drive & Determination. Unbending Intent.
  • SHADOW Confusion. Doubt. Inactivity. Indecisive. Woolly Thinking. Sheer Folly. Lost. Noncommittal. Political Struggles. Red Tape. Weakness.
  • OFFICE Male North / Man of Action.


Choosing between old and new (6) encourages and fosters wise council and solid, dependable decision making. When merkstave (reversed in orientation) the shadow attributes include confusion, doubt and a lack of stable or reliable information. Choosing between old and new (6) is the jewel behind new life choices, and which becomes activated when new ideas or concepts take life. Choosing between old and new (6) is the basis of politics and political activism in general terms.

Kaizen means “continual improvement.” Choosing between old and new (6) may mean nothing more than the selection of the “best forms” from last season or the previous project. Skimmed like cream off the top – the rarified substances of yesterday form up the staple base chemistry for an evolving line of explorative, alchemical processes. Success is not achieved overnight. Success is a series of achievable, small improvements, that together lead to greatness in all endeavours.


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