Jewels Of Awareness

The Toltec Jewels Of Awareness: Mixed Abundance (3)

  • SUMMARY Desirable and profitable, an essential spice honed from the mineral rich sands of eternity comprises the essence of human performance and desirability. Human beings compete for the essential frankincence that wards the cloying stench of failure or decay. However, some paying an exhorbitant price for their failure when the goal of awakening is instead traded for the limited goal of becoming of rich and famous in this lifetime.
  • ATTRIBUTES Abundance. Authority. Capability. Essential Spice. Life Essence. Lordship – Kingship or Queenship. Performance. Personal Power. Power. Prosperity. Riches. Spice of Life. Victory. Wealth.
  • SHADOW Class-Divide. Corruptions Of Power. Discouragement. Disempowerment. Enervation. Envy. Failure. Feeling Entitled. Lack. Poverty. Powerless. Wealth Displacement. Win-Lose.
  • OFFICE Female Westerly Courier.


QUEEN OF THE SOUTH / THE KNEE OF LISTENING In the Bible, the Queen of Sheba visits King Solomon, an inheritor of the wealth of King David’s troubling quest to become King, and later unstable kingdom. Solomon inherits tremendous wealth and power. Of this “Queen of the South,” the Book of Kings accounts for the goods in the following manner:

Arriving at Jerusalem with a very great caravan—with camels carrying spices, large quantities of gold, and precious stones – 1 Kings 10:2

We may understand Goddess Ishtar as the “Queen of the South.” Ishtar is associated with the mystery of “The Ishtar Gate,” and Ishtar may also be “The Sphinx” who asks “The Riddle of the Sphinx” regarding man who walks on two legs, then four legs, then three… Ishtar is thus linked with the Adi Da Samraj autobiography and it’s title “The Knee of Listening,” which implies the act of understanding with regard to human hubris. In the former, Sumerian myth, Ishtar must overcome or bypass the envious Ereshkigal, a goddess of the dark Sumerian underworld. She must strip or remove layers of clothing (of egotism) replacing them as she passes back into the marketplace (return of necessary egoity).

OBLIVION / CLASS DISUNITY Film “Oblivion” starring Tom Cruise depicts Cruise as living in a heady world of enhanced technology, who heroically slings low to liberate the empoverished lower classes, who have become subject to an out of control alien or regulatory device and it’s laser armed robots. Future disciples may identity with the incorporation of these two sides of human nature 1) The illuminated higher powers, 2) the lower classes and good-willed servants of Jesus of Nazareth [the “old seers” and the “new seers” of today].

DUNE / ESSENTIAL SPICE The desert through which the Biblical camels travelled, bearing gold, precious stones and spices reminds us also of the fictional “Dune,” by Frank Herbert, where spice worms and human factions compete for control of melange. In this fictional sci fi series of books, this “essential spice” is a naturally occurring, psi-empowering substance, which is addictive, and which confers rulership by the ability to regulate or control humankind by what rune-ology or Wiccan thought might determine are wyrd-webs or matrices of human potential and performance.

BIRTH OF JESUS When Jesus was born, three wise men also brought gold, frankincense and myrrh. Of these, frankincense seems most pertinent to the aromatic compound involved in jewel three. Mixed abundance (3) is the presence of spiritual frankincense.

MATTHEW 25:29 The difficult scripture ” For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them” (Mt. 25:29) causes confusion. Those who understand the jewels of awareness as a principle will know that Mixed Abundance (3) implies a spiral of increase (like Elijah’s oil of kine) and that a “spiral of decline” is also an economic principle.

GOLIATH / ONE EYED MAN Demon “Goliath” may be made equivalent with the sugar mill brute of Don Juan Matus. A “one eyed man” was perceived by the new seers who made a bid for power. Don Juan, who was a poor indian, entered a “racket” where work was for board in return for labour, and while he could not leave a sugar plantation. When he tried to leave he was shot in the back. Later, the brute apparently encountered a moment of divine judgment when a mule kicked him after he chased Don Juan into a stall. In the case of the Biblical boy David, the young aspirant to the throne went on the run from King Saul, living like a partridge or turtledove in the hills. The kingship and authority is most easily increased amongst those who already “have,” so while King Saul wasn’t perfect, he was nevertheless “the tried and tested” amongst his followers and even his critics. If such a situation of power megalomania emerges in the life of the reader, then meditation upon Mixed Abundance (3) is the present-moment acquisition of oil of kine, breaking the loop of decrease, and entering the spiral of Orion – who is now become a “giant” of wealth and performance, and possibly other archetypes, such as Bishamonten.

DAILY GOLD MINING TIPS If you have little money, then meditate upon the jewels of awareness for 20-30 minutes each. The jewels of awareness – especially Mixed Abundance (3) are money. They exist underneath all financial transactions. The daily grind is conservative, offering little speculation. While big dreams are prospective gold mining, offering great gains in a “bid for freedom.” Work is a natural form of “gold mining” in groups, while “personal underworld questing” is a powerful bid for excessive gains, which encounters many trials, and which suffers the risks and dangers of a solo effort. Try to combine both, according to the spirit of Maranatha.



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