Jewels Of Awareness

The Toltec Jewels Of Awareness: Stability (4)

  • SUMMARY Desirable days where plans come together and old friends reunite. The strong pillars of a temple, erected, or the oak beams used in Noah’s Ark. An earthly bank account rich in funds, but an investment within heavenly ideals and eternal principles, also.
  • ATTRIBUTES Stable. Experienced. Reliable. Robust. Secure. Sound Principles. Well Structured. Tenable. Trustworthy. Well Founded.
  • SHADOW Brittle. Disconnected. Dubious. Erratic. Gaps In Knowledge. Ill-Founded. Poorly Devised. Unstable. Insecure. Instability. Irrational. Jumpy. Spurious. Tense. Unbalanced. Unsound. Untenable.
  • OFFICE Female Northerly Stalker.


THE DARK CRYSTAL BY JIM HENSON As suggested by the popular cult film “The Dark Crystal” (1982, directed by Jim Henson), “stability” must be borne on the context of crystal-plane governance. The concept of “stability” itself depends on continent, represented by the factional races (Skeksis, Mystic) within the film. Three fabled continents also exist within mythology, and are also quite straightly or simply understood by the explanation of a fundamental “sky god” / “earth goddess” split or shattering of the central concept of stability in the prime action of duality (the war of the sexes / the war in the heavens). The continents are also explained by the having of a primeval “stable datum” about existence:

  1. The first stable datum is the presence of God, above. The Sky Father is a source of blessing light. His realm is Lemuria, an ancient isle of light and power. When human beings live and breathe by spirituality, eradicating all materiality and carnal traits, then they are embodying the saintly principles and tenets of spiritual Lemuria. Saints place the love of God above the needs of their daily labour, some becoming charity workers, and some taking lower-paid positions in order to uphold their faithfulness and avoid what they see as unwholesome business practices. They become relative martyrs in the process. The unearthly and heavenly light principles of Lemuria are summated in the “Light Crystal,” like Moses on Mt. Sinai, and like pure crystalline quartz.
  2. The second stable datum is the principle of the Earth Goddess, and the luxuries of the earth, and the love of the earth. It is a stable datum to place “work and occupation” first, or to make it a priority about which the rest of one’s time-bound pursuits are based or centralised. The realm of the earth-goddess is Atlantis, a realm of dark crystalline energy and raw mineral abundance. Human beings mostly live by a close adherence to Atlantis on this earth. It simply means to place work and culture above all else. Spiritual practices may be considered an outproduct of a stable occupation. The earthly world-crystal of Atlantis may be understood as a minerally “Dark Crystal” (like amethyst, which may by some be considered a type of smokey quartz).
  3. “Mu” describes a conjoined realm wherein Sky Father and Earth Mother recombine, after the shattered split and war in the heavens brought the two continents into separated existence. It is the purpose of this website to teach this third, ultimate “stability” to man, healing the collapsing economy, the failing principles, and the latent tendencies of modern man towards mental and physiological decline in this late age. “Work” and “spirituality” have always been the same, singular activity and action. This last statement requires the concept of the “hollow earth” to be understood: the “exterior” world of work and the “inner” world of mythology plus it’s interior planes of consciousness, must overlap and become a single “crystal,” or total world-jewel (of awareness). The economy is now administered and regulated not by dark, Atlantean technology alone, but partly by “spirituality” (like Lemuria), and partly by “material commerce” (like Atlantis). The single world-crystal (of the singular isle of “Mu”) may be understood as a Topaz, puce or magenta in colour. The quartz has admixed with the dark indigo and produced a lighter combinatory crystal, still in the purple / pink hue band, and which may be seen by any seer to cast iridescent rainbow patterns and frequencies throughout the earth, healing it’s crust.

(04/08/17) CATS Goddess Bast (Bastet, an Egyptian Cat Goddess) is a source of stability and comfort. Da Free John observed the independence and rituals of cats, while he was awakening [The Knee of Listening – the autobiography of Adi Da Samraj]. While obsessed with Bastet, I observed a cat who would lay in the “V” formed between two garden shed compartments.

Cats represent temporal, mundane affairs. They also represent the astral planes, and the dreamlike position of “heightened awareness.” Cats are recommended pets for those who, holding sufficient stability (4) to keep and care for them personally, nevertheless seek additional stability (4). Simply because cats display and emanate jewel-four, itself.

COMPUTER GAMES Are a source of stability (4) within heightened awareness. They enhance PSI and inner giftings come alive. Simultaneously, there is a decrease in exterior world stability (4). Discretion is advised, between the enhancement of stabilisation within interior perception (virtual game world), which now comes at a cost of instability in the social mileu, or the common exterior perception where “subtle planes” are screened or filtered out. Epilepsy – associated with busy or flickering mental image pictures – is certainly in my mind the result of an instability (-4) – where the mind is destabilised by sudden sounds and bright images that overwhelm the slower mental rhythms that foster harmony.

Games – an active participation within heightened awareness yields inner tranquility at possible cost to social stability (for some time I was an extremely avid gamer – these are simply my own experiences – I support “responsible gaming” – MT).

TELEVISION Exists as a counterbalance, yielding stability (4) more within the social domain of the relative midpoint between absolute left-side and absolute right-side awareness – the status quo – or “ordinary position” of the assemblage point.

MAGAZINES Fall between computer games and television. Computer games stimulate autonomy, and television is a passive trance state. Magazines require a mild participation, because they invite a social opinion or self response. Magazines foster a “creative position” associated with orange goddess “Saraswati.” The “creative” individual is neither fully “red” (like a PSI enhanced computer gamer), or fully “blue” (like a social game player, who observes the world most keenly through the box and silver screen).



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