Jewels Of Awareness

The Toltec Jewels Of Awareness: Destiny (2)

  • SUMMARY The apex or tip of a spear is the confluence of world power. A central hub governs all decision making. There always exists a third choice, in the same way that every tributary of a river has a confluence. A mutual resolution may be found, favourable to all parties. By plucking the cubic centimeter of chance the powers of destiny are able to flow free and clear.
  • ATTRIBUTES Authentic or Genuine. Sincere. Dedication. Goal Attainment. Peak Performance. Accuracy. Proof of Concept. Powers Of Destiny. Acquiescence To Fate. Servitude. Round Table.
  • SHADOW Insincere. Discredited or Ignored. Abandonment. Made Wrong. Hypercriticism. Inauthentic. Insecure. Following In Another’s Footsteps. Boasting. Pride.
  • PARTY / ARCHETYPE Female Easterly Courier.

“The Spear of Destiny” is released whenever any individual lives true to their predestined life-script or blueprint. By fierce or unswerving commitment to the task at hand, the fated destiny must and will emerge, despite all appearances to the contrary.

The female easterly courier is smart, organised and dedicated. The spiritual warriors that belong to the east are light-hearted and breezy. They are natural “teachers” (Christian fivefold office) or “scholars” (Toltec warrior’s party). Teachers / scholars find solutions that take every party into account, and which accentuate with fine clarity which path to take.

The Toltec concept of “average man” describes and attests to those who refuse to pick up the spear of destiny, perhaps because they believe it safer or even holier to cleave to the pack and status quo. To deviate from this safe harbour is to encounter their true path with a heart. The problem is that life’s challenges might become magnified by the bid for power. It might appear preferable to some to take the easier life, refusing as they see it to tread on the toes of others.

Toltec teachings explain why the greater the challenges in life, the greater are the consequent gifts of power. People who adhere to their life’s purpose are counted amongst those who never give up, no matter what, and who claim the honey from out of the lion of their difficulties and obstacles.


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