Jewels Of Awareness

The Toltec Jewels Of Awareness: Fluidity (1)

  • SUMMARY The ability to flow with life and decisions. An oracular place of peace behind the moving water of a waterfall or raging river grants prophecy and peace.
  • ATTRIBUTES Perceptiveness. Prophecy. Oracle. Acquiescence. Flow. Spontaneity. Grace. Ability To Shift The Focus. Motion or Progress. Flexibility. Letting Go.
  • SHADOW Fixation. Inhibition. Lack Of Flow. Stuck. Inflexible. Caught. Retentive. Holding On. Inability To Let Go. Rigid or Tense.
  • WARRIORS PARTY Female Westerly Dreamer.

In the moving river of life, the general flow is broken up by boulders and sharp-turns in the river bed. Our life-purpose is to get downstream, but perhaps not to simply “go with the flow.” Caught in the grip of the status quo, some do not hear the roaring waterfall. The beauty of the present scenery precludes their vision, and prophecy is forsaken for an illusion based in hubris.

Change and transitions will come. Nothing will remain static forever. The turbulence of the river stirs doubt, and engenders eddies of inescapable resistance.

The blue lagoon is a place of prophecy and respite. The place behind the waterfall is found — a stillpoint beyond the raging foam. With fresh insight born of prophecy and knowledge, a world of commotion becomes easier to control. A fresh balance has arrived by virtue of previous chaos. The fountain of youth is oracular, profound, and timeless.


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